Learn More About Tiana Halal Pet Food

As a British Asian, I have always found it strange that you can’t buy Halal cat food. No tins. No pouches. No biscuits. No nothing.

Friends and family agree and have spent years telling me to do something about it so here it goes, with your help we can make this happen!

Halal certified cat food

You wouldn’t eat or feed your family Haram food, so why would you feed it to your cat? Halal is an Arabic word meaning lawful or permitted and Tiana cat food products will be certified-Halal from day one. Tiana cat food will consist of 100% certified Halal ingredients and comply with strict certified-production standards.

Team Tiana also has nutritionists and veterinary experts on board to ensure our recipes are loved by and look after your cat.

We need your help

There is no getting away from it, a pet food company isn’t Netflix or Zoom. A pet food company is a manufacturer and we will need to buy Halal ingredients and make, package and transport Halal cat food before we can get it into a Muslim cat bowl near you!

To convince banks and investors to back Tiana in producing Halal cat food we first need to prove that Muslim cats and cat lovers want it. This is where you come in! Help us make Tiana Halal cat food a reality by validating your interest in the following ways:

Get the word out on the streets

via likes and shares on Facebook and Instagram - we are in times of social distancing after all!

Keep up with the latest updates

Sign up to our news feed to keep an eye on progress and be the first to know when Tiana Halal cat food is available for your cat!

Support us to make this project a reality

Donate whatever you can afford. The more donations we receive the sooner we can get Tiana Halal cat food in a cat bowl near you!

Giving to the Muslim community

From the beginning, Tiana will play its part in the community. Tiana pledges to repay the total value of all start-up donations to Muslim community charitable projects from net profits, within 3 years.

Tiana will also contribute 5% of net profits to Muslim community charitable projects, every year.

Please support us to make this project a reality and help create the world's first Halal cat food brand.

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