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As a British Asian, I have always found it strange that you can't buy Halal Cat Food. No tins. No pouches. No nothing. Tiana Halal Cat Food is the first branded Halal Cat food in the world. Not only are we committed to developing delicious Halal products, we are devoted to helping all cats live healthy as they grow with us. 


Tiana is there for the whole journey, as your cat grows with us we are constantly looking for ways to improve our nutrition and care. We make sure that complete and balanced nutrition is available using advice from specialists around the world.

Why should I switch to Tiana Halal Cat Food?

Tiana is made with you and your cat in mind. As cat parents we know and understand how much people love their cats and we feel the same. You wouldn't eat or feed your family Haram food, so why would you feed it to your cat? The word Halal is an Arabic word meaning lawful or permitted and Tiana cat food products are all certified-Halal from day one. Tiana cat food consists of 100% certified Halal ingredients and comply with strict certified-production standards.

Will my cat get all the nutrients it needs?

After receiving hundreds of messages about how much you wanted a halal cat food you can trust, we have taken all your feedback on board to create the yummiest recipes for a freeze dried halal cat food to preserve nutritional value. You can learn what freeze dried is via our blog.

We believe the best way to help owners provide the best care is through understanding a cat’s nutritional needs which is why we produce food that gives cat owners the reassurance they are feeding their cat a healthy and tasty diet. Team Tiana has nutritionists and veterinary experts on board to ensure our recipes are loved by our feline friends. We know how quality nutrition can help pets and their owners live happier, healthier and longer lives together which is why we are here to help the world’s cats to live healthier and happier lives.

We can’t wait for you to join Tiana Cat Club. We look forward to your feedback and lovely pictures! Tag us @TianaCatClub





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