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Tiana Made Headlines This Ramadan Season

Tiana Made Headlines This Ramadan Season

Posted by Tiana on 9th May 2022

When you’re the first certified halal pet food option on the market, you can help millions of those in the Muslim community feed their furry friends. There isn’t a better mission! We had the privilege to have our story told via FabNews’ latest feature, highlighting the journey, launch, and success of Tiana Halal Pet Food.

Tiana began after founder Pankaj Hurria was made aware of Muslims' struggle when trying to feed their cats. So many foods are considered haram that it was challenging to assemble a well-rounded, homemade diet for their pets. So, Pankaj created the Tiana Halal Pet Food brand — the first brand of its kind, certified halal and offering delicious tasting cat food for your pet.

What are the benefits of switching to freeze-dried cat food?

Tiana launched their premier product line, featuring different freeze-dried cat foods sourced from various clean, halal protein sources. The three most popular became the brand's flagship items: chicken, goat, and fish. Rather than turning the food into kibbles, Pankaj decided to make all of the products available in a freeze-dried form for additional benefits.

By switching to a freeze-dried formula, pet owners enjoyed higher levels of nutrition, longer shelf-life, and greater stability in the formulations. Pets enjoyed the texture, boosting their intake, and enjoying the benefits of a well-rounded and complete diet.

Taking the Next Step: Supporting Muslim Communities

Tiana has always strived to give back to the Muslim communities wherever possible, offering a percentage of every sale to Muslim charities and service organizations. Over the Ramadan season, we took it a step further — creating a massive giveaway.

When you spend £20 or more, you’re entered into a pool to win a MacBook Air, Air Pods, or free Tiana halal cat food bundles. If you choose to spend £40 or more, you’re entered for the grand prize — a trip to Hajj, courtesy of Tiana!

The only other requirement? You must be a follower on our social media channels @tianacatclub. We’ll be holding the drawings soon and picking randomly from our pool of purchasers.

We look forward to helping you celebrate and will always continue to honor the tenets of the Muslim faith.

From your friends at Tiana Halal Pet Food!