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Top Pet Food Protein Sources For Your Cat

Top Pet Food Protein Sources For Your Cat

Posted by Tiana on 23rd Mar 2022

Your cat deserves the best — and needs protein to fuel its next set of adventures. The problem is that the quality of the protein is often compromised during the dehydration process of cat kibble. Feeding your cat freeze dried food offers a powerful alternative to other forms of feeding, and can give your cat a more complete nutritional profile. Below, we’re going through the top three easy-to-digest protein sources for your cat, and exploring the benefits of each.

Does my cat need protein?

Your cat needs protein to thrive, just like any other living creature. Protein plays a vital role in your cat’s body, and assists with their overall muscular and nervous system’s function. It also boosts their immune system, and allows them to grow a rich and luxurious coat. If your cat is dealing with malabsorption or other digestive issues, it’s important to find alternative ways to fortify your cat’s diet with protein.

Best easy-to-digest protein sources for your cat

Animal proteins work best in your cat’s diet, as they are carnivores. Their system needs the rich amino acids and nutrition that animal-based proteins can provide. However, sometimes your pet might struggle with digestive issues or gastrointestinal conditions. There are still protein options that are available and suitable for your cat’s dietary needs. Below, we’ve listed the top three easy-to-digest protein sources for your cat that you can use to incorporate into your cat’s diet.

1. Chicken

This comes as a surprise to no one. Cats have loved poultry since the beginning of time, and continue to rely on chicken as a main source of protein in their diets. Both breast and thigh meat is great for your cat’s nutrition, and can provide a tasty source of other key nutrients as well: including selenium, phosphorus, and B vitamins. Its neutral taste and rich texture make for a great long-term feeding option for your cat. Plus, we love the affordability for pet parents as well, and how easily you can find this option on your grocery store shelf!

2. Goat

Goat is surprisingly easy to digest and fantastic for your furry friend. Goat meat is incredibly low in fat but rich in flavors and key nutrition for your cat. The meat is also low in cholesterol in comparison to other options, making this a great option for older cats or cats who are struggling with chronic health issues. Goat is rich in calcium and potassium, as well as iron.

3. Fish

We think that this protein option is an obvious favorite to many pet parents out there! Your furry friend is hard-wired to love fish — and with good reason. Fish is rich in neurologically-boosting amino acids, and provides an array of healthy fats for your pet to indulge in. Plus, the flavor is delicious and mild, making this the perfect option for your cat!

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